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30 Apr

… he has arrived! 😀


What kind of flower are you?

26 Apr

Overheard conversation between Gwen and her Daddy:

Daddy: Gwen, if you were a flower, what kind will you be?
Gwen: A flower girl!


Coincidentally, Gwen will be a flower girl on the 1st of May.  Maybe, that’s why she answered like that. 😀

Can’t wait…

25 Apr

… to watch this movie! 😀


17 Apr

I called DFA last Monday for an appointment to renew Gian’s, the husband’s and my passport as well as apply one for Gwen, since the little girl has yet to have one.  I was shocked when the Customer Care Officer informed me that the earliest appointment date is May 25.  WTH! It is more than a month away already! Unfortunately, I didn’t have our expired passports with me so I wasn’t able to proceed with the appointment setting.  Toink!

I called again last Wednesday, and to my surprise the earliest date was already June 1.  Two days just passed and the available date jumped to a week! Grrr! I immediately set up an appointment.  Baka sa Christmas na kami makapag-renew sa bilis ng schedule. Our passports had to be renewed before the start of school since the kids are required to make a personal appearance.  Had I known about the schedule, nagpa-renew and apply na sana kami at the start of summer vacation pa lang.  Haay!

DFA should still improve their system in processing the passports.  With the e-passport, hindi ka na nga pipila ng matagal, maghihintay ka lang naman ng buwan bago ko makapag-renew or apply. Tsk tsk! 😦

Something to look forward to…

10 Apr

Hello World!

3 Apr

It’s about time! I’ve been delaying this for the longest time.  I was planning on creating a blog exactly on my birthday… and that was 2 years ago.  Talk about procrastinating!  But, I can’t wait for 6 more months to finally do this, right?! So much have been going on and this is something I could go back to.

I’m pretty sure that  I won’t be able to make regular posts, but I do hope that I will be able to keep this blog.

So… look out world! Here I come! 😛