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I {heart} my Silhouette SD

30 Jan

Last week I cut more images from the Silhouette SD.  Look at what I’ve made:

The Silhouette machine really cuts the images in precised detail.  The chandelier is sized at 1.5 inches only, but the details are very vivid.  And who wouldn’t fall in love with the bird and the cage?!

The Hello Kitty is a JPG image that I converted in Silhouette Studio using the Auto-Trace feature.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to try the other images that I downloaded.  I’m so excited to create 3D images from it also.  Didn’t I tell you? Gift boxes, pop-up cards, and other 3D projects are possible, as long as you have the cutting file for it.  And I have downloaded some already.  Happy ME! 😀

I really love, love, love  my Silhouette SD machine! Bad Ass!!! LOL 😀


My New (Scrap) Toy

22 Jan

Yey! My December order has arrived! Me one happy lady… 😀

Presenting my Silhouette SD Machine! woot-woot!

Unboxing Silhouette SD

The last picture is my first try in cutting an image from the machine.  So cute! 😀

The usual box of the machine includes:

  • Silhouette machine
  • Software for Windows XP/Vista
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

Since I bought it in a bundle, the following are also included:

  • One roll of Smooth Heat Transfer (black)
  • One roll of Flocked Heat Transfer (white)
  • Universal Scraper
  • Home Décor CD
  • $10 Download Card

Plus, I also have a 10% coupon code to be used at  Ooooh! I hope I get to use it.

Really happy to have this.  Thanks, Labs! 😀

A New Look for me?

21 Jan

Yesterday during lunch break, I passed by Watson’s Greenbelt.  There I saw a lady who just had her hair done by the promo girl of a curling iron.  I stopped and made “usisa” because the lady had such beautiful curls.  And the curls were the kind that I liked – big and flowing curls at the lower part of the hair only!  It’s the kind of style that I wished for my hair, and get to see and envy on most celebrities.

Maybe I looked very impressed at the lady’s hair, the promo girl invited me to give it a try.  I sooo wanted to see how I would look with a curled hair style that I decided to give it a go.  And what do you know? I absolutely loved it! 🙂

Take a look at this:

Isn’t it beautiful? And my officemates told me it’s bagay sakin.  Too bad it’s just temporary.  The curls were gone as soon as I wet my hair.  If only I can curl my hair like that on my own.  I figured I would have a hard time styling it like that.  Oh well! Guess I just have to practice regularly, eh?! *wink*wink 🙂