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Diaper Cake

22 Feb

I was assigned to think/buy the gift for an officemate’s baby shower (which happened today).  The right side of my brain immediately worked and a lot of ideas hit me.  Of course, I want to create something with my silhouette machine so I thought the baby shoes was the best idea.

Here’s the baby shoes:

I thought it would make a beautiful topper for a diaper cake.  So here’s what we gave as gift for my officemate:

It was definitely a hit!  The mother-to-be loved it so much, and my officemates also gave me praises! Appreciating what I did really felt wonderful.  😀




12 Feb

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This Too Shall Pass?

9 Feb

God will not give us anything that we cannot handle.   I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.

– Mother Teresa

I feel that I’m not strong enough to get past all these.  Even the most comforting words “This Too Shall Pass” do not help me at all.  I know it’s not right for me to feel hopeless, but I can’t find any comfort at all.  😦

Chihuahua magnet

6 Feb

I placed an order last week at the Silhouette Shop but after clicking checkout, I realized that I didn’t include the magnet paper.  What a bummer! To think I already have some ideas on what to do with the magnet paper and the silhouette machine.

Then, an officemate told me that she was able to buy magnet paper from a local office supplies store.  She gave me her leftovers and thought I should try if it would be cut by the silhouette.  Guess what? IT DID! 😀

Thanks for the magnet paper, Tisha! Request granted.  This one’s for you. 😀