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Hello Kitty Collection from Sephora

20 Jun

After almost 3 months of waiting, I finally got these:

From L-R: Apple Cheeks in Cherry Blossom, Sweet Gloss in Peachy, Big Smile Gloss in Watermelon, Nail Polish in Pink Sprinkles, and Apple Lip Balm

These are some of Sephora‘s Hello Kitty Collection.  There are many other products in their website, but these were the only ones that I was able to afford.  Visit their site and you would find more make-ups, perfumes, accessories, etc.




Surprise Note

19 Jun

The Husband texted this to me last Friday:

Riddle: Look at the back and you’ll see my message.

Found this at the back of the Ipad cover. Awwww! So sweet! Luvit! 🙂

My Red Belt Kid

11 Jun