Noel Bazaar Finds

27 Dec

Every start of the Christmas season, bazaars sprang everywhere in the metro. It is always good to check them out ‘coz you’ll be sure to find something to buy that is insanely cheap you wouldn’t believe it at first, and still of good quality.

Here’s what I got when the Husband and I went to the Noel Bazaar at the PICC Forum Tent last December 14.

Hello Kitty blouses

The blouses cost Php 200 (pink) and Php 100 (white) only. And the pink one is a Sanrio brand. 😛

Sandals and Slip-on from Marikina

I got crazy with these sandals. Why? Because they cost Php 150 for 2 pairs. That’s Php 75 a pair! You might ask if they are durable. Well, Filipinos know very well that shoes/sandals/slippers made from Marikina are very durable and would last for a long time. Two years ago, I bought a pair just like the brown one in the upper right. And I could still wear them until now. The rubber soles are just worn out because of frequent use. So I am definitely happy with them.

The Husband was also able to buy his gifts for all of his officemates in the bazaar. So I really suggest you take advantage of bazaars, especially if you have lots of gifts to buy and you’re in a tight budget. 🙂


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