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Vanity Room

6 Jul

I had another manicure/pedicure at Vanity Room in Makati.  It’s my 2nd time to have my nails done by them and I must say that I am really loving their service. 

I have tried the same service at Let’s Face It in Greenbelt 1, CANS in dela Rosa, and Nail-a-holics at SM Southmall. But Vanity Room is the one that passed my expectations.  LFI and Nail-a-holics were okay, but in CANS I was really disappointed. I was not satisfied at all with the French tip mani/pedi I had, and their charges were expensive that I really felt I didn’t get my money’s worth.

With VR, I have clean and pretty-looking fingers and toes.  See for yourself:

Oh, did I say that they have a 50% off promo in their services until the end of this month? Yeah, that’s right! 50% off, baby! 😀



LHR from BMG – Update

4 May

Woah! I almost forgot to give you an update on my LHR from BMG.  My last session (of 5) was on March 12.  So sorry! 🙂  Anyhow, here it goes…

Well, it didn’t really permanently remove the hair in the UA.  But what I can tell you is that there’s a great difference after the sessions.  Hair growth is very slow, unlike before where I shave my UA almost weekly.  And the hair that grows is very few, also just like baby hair, which is very thin unlike before where the hair is thick and hard because of frequent shaving.

As per the BMG doctor, one can still shave after the sessions to remove the hair growth, or have another LHR.  The only problem with shaving is that it might make the hair thick again, and it may cause the UA to darken.  With LHR, the sessions would be less frequent already since growth is slower.  But of course, LHR is still expensive. 🙂

However, I’ve read that Flawless offers a lifetime package for their LHR.  I think it’s Php 27,000++ (not really sure of the exact price).  It’s really worth considering. 🙂

LHR from BMG

2 Sep
* This is an overdue post.

I have contemplated for months if I would try the Laser Hair Removal treatment for my underarms from Belo.  I was a bit skeptical because of the following:
1) how much will it cost
2) will it be effective
3) how painful will it be

I have to be sure first if it’s worth it, right?

After months of research, plus a little persuasion from the Husband (he’ll pay for it! hehe), I decided to give it a go.  I called 819-BELO and scheduled an appointment at their clinic in Alabang.  And last Saturday (August 28), I said goodbye to good ol’ shaving.

So how was it? Here’s a blow by blow account of my experience:

The husband accompanied me to the clinic.  When we arrived, two men (Belo employees) with umbrellas helped me and the Husband get out of the car. I was kind of embarrassed kse hindi naman maaraw or umaambon at that time.  But I think it’s part of their service so okay.  Inside, the receptionists were friendly and accommodating.  One was even a former receptionist from work :D.  We were also offered something to drink but we declined. 😛

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I was called already.   The husband just opted to wait for me in the reception area.  The doctor who saw me looked young and very friendly.  She explained to me the procedure for LHR, the treatment after, how many sessions, etc.  The LHR treatment costs P5,600 per session but there’s a 30% discount promo for the 5-session package.   Since I’ll most likely have the 5 sessions, I told her that I would get the package.  And that’s P19,600 straight out of my (husband’s) pocket. 😛

To start the procedure, I was asked to take my shirt off, with bra on, and wrapped myself with a towel.  They gave me shades for protection from the laser.  Lying down, my underarms were cleaned first, then shaved (to get rid of the hair that grew since my last shave).  A cold gel was then applied on my right underarm.  It was so cool it made me feel like I wanted to pee.  Hehehe.

On with the laser treatment. The cool gel actually helped ease the pain while the laser was zappin’ the hair.  It felt like little needles were pricking my underarms all at the same time.  The pain was tolerable for me but I guess it would vary depending on one’s threshold for pain.  I think I just have a high tolerance for pain since I have given birth twice already without epidural anesthesia.  May mas sasakit pa ba don? 😛 Actually, you could choose to have an anesthesia beforehand, but you have to wait for 45 minutes before they can proceed with the laser treatment.

The most painful part of the procedure was on the bottom part of the underarm.  It was then that I also smelled the burning hair.   According to the doctor, that is where there are most hair, and they are being zapped right to the roots, and that’s a good thing.  When she finished with the laser, the assistant applied another cream while the doctor repeated the process on my left underarm.

To take care of my newly-treated underarms, the doctor gave me a laser cream and told me to apply it in the morning and at night for 3 days.  She also said that deodorants are okay but if I can do without it, it’s much better.  Shaving is also okay but should not be done 3 or 5 days before my next session so that they can see how much hair has grown.

All in all, my experience at the Belo Clinic was very satisfactory.  I just hope that the results of the treatment will be as good as their service.  Well, let’s just wait and see.  That’s a lot of money eh! Will keep you posted… 😀

* Update posted here.