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Happy Thought

31 Oct

Daddy: What’s your happy thought?
Gwen: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Daddy: Why?
Gwen: Friday is art class, Saturday and Sunday ay walang pasok. Gusto ko 1 day lang may pasok.

Yaiks! Patay tayo dyan! 🙂



19 Sep

Me: Gwen,what’s the name of your toy puppy?
Gwen: Puppy-py.
Me: Huh? Why puppy-py?
Gian: Kse mommy, Gwen just puts Y at the end for the name. Like horse – horsey; fish -fishy. Kaya yun puppy – puppy-py.
Me: @@ LOL.

What kind of flower are you?

26 Apr

Overheard conversation between Gwen and her Daddy:

Daddy: Gwen, if you were a flower, what kind will you be?
Gwen: A flower girl!


Coincidentally, Gwen will be a flower girl on the 1st of May.  Maybe, that’s why she answered like that. 😀