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A New Look for me?

21 Jan

Yesterday during lunch break, I passed by Watson’s Greenbelt.  There I saw a lady who just had her hair done by the promo girl of a curling iron.  I stopped and made “usisa” because the lady had such beautiful curls.  And the curls were the kind that I liked – big and flowing curls at the lower part of the hair only!  It’s the kind of style that I wished for my hair, and get to see and envy on most celebrities.

Maybe I looked very impressed at the lady’s hair, the promo girl invited me to give it a try.  I sooo wanted to see how I would look with a curled hair style that I decided to give it a go.  And what do you know? I absolutely loved it! 🙂

Take a look at this:

Isn’t it beautiful? And my officemates told me it’s bagay sakin.  Too bad it’s just temporary.  The curls were gone as soon as I wet my hair.  If only I can curl my hair like that on my own.  I figured I would have a hard time styling it like that.  Oh well! Guess I just have to practice regularly, eh?! *wink*wink 🙂


(Not so) New Hair Do

23 Oct

I just had a hair makeover… well, a rebond again.  Was thinking of a half-rebond, half-digiperm but bailed on the last minute.  I wasn’t ready yet to try on something new so I should muster more courage and think about it some more.  But for now, back to straight hair. 🙂

Hair Care

15 Oct
* An overdue post.

I had my hair straightened when I was a freshman in college. When I was in Singapore back in 2001, a new process for hair straightening was introduced – rebonding. So I had it done to my hair and the result was great. I had my hair rebonded yearly since then, and then twice a year for the past couple of years.

Imagine that – same long, straight hair, same look, for 10 years! Ugh! Now that the waves are making a comeback, and my hair looks dry and all that, I’m thinking of not getting another rebond just yet. I’ve been searching the internet on hair treatments first before I subject my hair to more chemicals. I came across Kerastase hair products which, based on some reviews, can make the hair softer and smoother even after being rebonded. Hmmm, sounds like the product just for me right? The Kerastase products in particular are the Kerastase Oleo-Relax Masque, shampoo and conditioner.  I read for more reviews and so far most feedbacks were positive, eventhough the products are a little pricey. Salon de Esa in 6750 Ayala Ave and David Salon are the primary stores which carry these products.

Last Friday, when I was in MOA with the Husband for our “date night”, we passed by David’s Salon and saw these in their window display:

Yes! The Kerastase Oleo-Relax Masque and Controlling Care  for their regular price, with free Shampoo and bag. I inquired about it inside, and with approval from the Husband, I bought the set. That’s more than Php 1K savings!

Although I’m expecting that it won’t make my hair straight just like being rebonded, I’m just hoping that it would at least make my hair healthier, and feel softer and smoother. 🙂