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Apple iOS 5 is so cool!

29 Oct

Yes! I have updated my Iphone 4 and Ipad 2, as well as my son’s Ipad 2, with the new iOS 5 by Apple. I didn’t have any problems in upgrading the software, and all the applications and files (contacts, messages, photos, etc.) that I have are still there after the update. So far, I am loving the updates.

I specially liked the iMessage, notification, multi-tasking gestures, photo editor/enhancement and camera upgrades (shooting using the volume button). I haven’t tried the iCloud yet. Will probably give you an update once I had.

iOS 5 rocks!


Tethering from Iphone 4 to Ipad 2

9 May

When we were buying our Ipad 2, I heard from the guy next to me say to his friend that he was buying the 32GB WiFi only version.  He doesn’t need the 3G version because he can tether from his Iphone 4.

Now, I have read and heard the word “tether” before, but I don’t know what it means.  Here’s what Wiki came up with when I googled it:

“In the context of cell phones, tethering is connecting your phone to a laptop or similar data device using a data cable, usually for the purpose of connecting to the Internet on the laptop, via the phone’s wireless connection to the cell phone network.

Sounds complicated, but I think it means that I can connect another device to the internet via my phone’s connection.  Searching some more, I read about the Personal Hotspot feature of the Iphone 4, and that’s what to use for tethering my 2 Apple devices.

Of course, I looked immediately for the Personal Hotspot from my phone, and as usual, it’s nowhere to be found.  Haay! Just like the FaceTime buttons.  So I did the following:

1.  Ensure that WiFi setting is OFF (since I will be connecting via 3G).
2.  Reset Network Settings.
3.  In Settings > General > Network, turn both Enable 3G and Cellular Data to ON.

After that, the Personal Hotspot feature appeared just below and turned it ON. 


I got my Ipad and looked for my Iphone Apple ID in the WiFi networks.  That’s it! Both devices were connected to the Internet.

Yey, I know how to tether already! Cool! 😀



7 May

I finally was able to use FaceTime on my Iphone 4! Yeehaaa!

At first, I kind of panicked (again! – remember this?) because the FaceTime button in any of my contacts does not appear.  I checked Settings > Phone > FaceTime, and saw that it was OFF.  I turned it to ON and it said “Waiting for activation”.  Nothing happened and it stayed like that, still with no FaceTime button in the contacts.

I searched about it in the Internet and found some helpful solutions.  If you’re experiencing this kind of problem, here’s what you can do:

1.  Make sure that your Iphone 4 is connected to WiFi, and FaceTime settings is already ON.
2.  Do a hard reset (hold down sleep + home).
3.  Wait for it to reboot.

And voila, the buttons popped up already! That really worked for me, and I hope it does for you too. 🙂

So, we finally tested it with the Ipad 2, and we, especially the kids, absolutely loved it!

Gian using the Iphone 4

Gwen using the Ipad 2


Iphone 4 Fright

7 Oct

My Iphone just gave me a fright!

I had a 2-hour meeting at the office which finished at 6PM.  Mind you, I was using my Iphone and texting my sister and the husband from time to time during the meeting.  Immediately after, when I was already at my workstation, I checked on my phone to see if I had new texts.

When I pressed the main button, nothing happened.  I thought that I just didn’t press it hard enough so I pressed on it again.  Still, nothing happened.  Then I thought I must have turned it off when I pressed the Power button to put the phone to sleep.  So I pressed the Power button, but the phone is still dead.

I started to feel nervous because I pressed the Power button a lot of times but it wouldn’t turn on.  I plugged it in the charger thinking that the battery might already be empty, but there’s no display of the battery charging.

When I got my Iphone, the Globe representative told me that Apple does not repair defective units, but usually replaces it.  As long as the receipt is kept and the unit is under warranty, there should be no problem in reporting defective units and requesting for replacement.

Although I am comforted by this, I still felt sad and nervous.  I already thought that my phone is already defective.  To think that my Iphone is only 11 days old –  and I also haven’t started paying for it! I called the husband to tell him what happened.  He told me that it would be okay since my phone is under warranty.

When I got home, I retried turning it on.  Lo and behold, the phone turned on! WTH?! I really didn’t know what happened! I just pressed the power button and it just turned on.  I was really confused.  But then again, I was also thankful that my Iphone is already ok.  I just hope that it won’t happen again.  Or if ever it will get busted, it would still be under warranty so I can still report it to Globe.  Whew! What a fright!

My First Apple

26 Sep

Finally got my Iphone 4! Yey! 😀

My IPhone 4