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Christmas Gifts 2011

27 Dec

Got these {pink} stuff as Christmas gifts… for meeeeeeee! 🙂

This one I bought for myself:

TriPorter for my Ipod Nano 6G

And this is another gift from the Husband:

SoftShell Casing for my Iphone 4S

Love love love PINK! 😛

Thanks, Labs! Mwah! 🙂



Iphone 4S

30 Nov

Good times! 🙂

The Husband asked his officemate in Zurich to buy one for me since the Iphone 4S will be released here in PH by January next year. So my current Iphone 4 went to him since his Nokia N97 mini is almost dying on him.

4S is not that different with the Iphone 4 in terms of features, except for Siri. Have tried her and she’s really not much help. You need to speak slowly and loudly for her to completely understand what you’re saying. She can only send a text message, call someone from your contact, do reminders and alarms. She won’t be able to open apps for you and even google search. But still, I love my new phone!

I also had second thoughts in having it because the “Enable 3G” switch in settings was removed. I always turn it on in my IP4, together with Cellular Data, whenever I want to connect to the Internet if WiFi is not available. Keeping both 3G and Cellular Data off also let me avoid being charged with unnecessary data usage. It turned out that when I switch the “Cellular Data” to On, 3G is also turned on automatically. So no more problemo.