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Personalized Keychain Post-its

28 Dec

Made these personalized keychain post-its for my officemates, with the help of my Silhouette SD machine. 🙂




Money Envelopes 2011

27 Dec

These were the Christmas money envelopes I made this year, with the help of course my Silhouette SD machine.

I used the money envelope I bought from the silhouette online store, but I modified it to fit the Philippine Peso bills (1000, 100, and 50 denominations) because the envelope’s measurement is for the $5 bill.

Silhouette Shapes:
Additional shapes:
Cuttlebug Cut and Emboss 3×3 Die – Snowflake

Coffin Treat Box

23 Nov

Made these little coffin treat boxes from my Silhouette SD machine. I gave these to the kids in the office during our Trick or Treatlast October 28. They were a hit not only to the kids but to my colleagues as well. So cute! 🙂

GWEN’s 7th Birthday (Outing at Water Camp)

23 Oct
Another overdue post...

* September 18, 2011

The Husband and I initially planned for a big and grand party to celebrate our dear daughter’s 7th birthday. I psyched myself of being a party planner once again. I already planned the theme and the design of the invitations that I was supposed to make personally. Seeing that there would be lots of things to do and to plan, the Husband half-seriously asked the little girl if she’d rather receive a gift from us which would be something she really wished for and/or liked very much, and not have a big party at all. Amazingly, dear daughter agreed. When we asked if it’s really okay with her, she said that it is and she’d already be happy with just the gift. Awwww! isn’t she sweet? I felt that my baby is so mature.

Since there wouldn’t be a party anymore, the Husband and I decided to have an outing on her birthday, with cakes and banners and loot bags for her cousins, just so she could feel that we celebrated her birthday.

So we invited my side of the family, and we went swimming at Water Camp Resort in Kawit, Cavite. The travel to the resort was only 15 minutes because we went via the new Cavitex highway. There were lots of food prepared by my mother. We rented 2 rooms and a cottage in the resort so we were comfortable. I bought a cake and prepared a birthday banner and loot bags. I let the kids sang the Happy Birthday song first, then Gwen blew her candle. I really could tell that she liked it a lot. Afterwards, the kids ate and then went off swimming.

The resort had a lot of changes from the last time we were there. Another big swimming pool was added and of course, our new favorite – the Wave Pool! Oh we had a lot of fun there. The kids really loved it and they kept on coming back.

Before we went home, Gwen handed her lootbags to her cousins, and let each of them get a Squinkie ball from her Squinkie Gumball machine. They had a fun getting their prizes from a little ball.

At home, Gwen opened her remaining gifts from us. 🙂

Happy 7th Birthday, Gwen! 🙂

Diaper Cake

22 Feb

I was assigned to think/buy the gift for an officemate’s baby shower (which happened today).  The right side of my brain immediately worked and a lot of ideas hit me.  Of course, I want to create something with my silhouette machine so I thought the baby shoes was the best idea.

Here’s the baby shoes:

I thought it would make a beautiful topper for a diaper cake.  So here’s what we gave as gift for my officemate:

It was definitely a hit!  The mother-to-be loved it so much, and my officemates also gave me praises! Appreciating what I did really felt wonderful.  😀


Chihuahua magnet

6 Feb

I placed an order last week at the Silhouette Shop but after clicking checkout, I realized that I didn’t include the magnet paper.  What a bummer! To think I already have some ideas on what to do with the magnet paper and the silhouette machine.

Then, an officemate told me that she was able to buy magnet paper from a local office supplies store.  She gave me her leftovers and thought I should try if it would be cut by the silhouette.  Guess what? IT DID! 😀

Thanks for the magnet paper, Tisha! Request granted.  This one’s for you. 😀

I {heart} my Silhouette SD

30 Jan

Last week I cut more images from the Silhouette SD.  Look at what I’ve made:

The Silhouette machine really cuts the images in precised detail.  The chandelier is sized at 1.5 inches only, but the details are very vivid.  And who wouldn’t fall in love with the bird and the cage?!

The Hello Kitty is a JPG image that I converted in Silhouette Studio using the Auto-Trace feature.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to try the other images that I downloaded.  I’m so excited to create 3D images from it also.  Didn’t I tell you? Gift boxes, pop-up cards, and other 3D projects are possible, as long as you have the cutting file for it.  And I have downloaded some already.  Happy ME! 😀

I really love, love, love  my Silhouette SD machine! Bad Ass!!! LOL 😀