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My Brown Belter

2 Dec

2 more levels and he’ll have his black belt in Taekwondo! So proud of you, sweetie! 🙂


My Red Belt Kid

11 Jun


Updates and more…

4 Apr

*** Warning: Overdue and long post ahead.

It’s been more than a month since I last updated this blog. So sorry, blog, if I have neglected you.  It’s just that I’ve been busy with work and whatever (read: FB and the internet) that I couldn’t find time to write to you.

Anyhow, I’ll just take advantage of this post to squeeze the latest happenings in my life.

* February 27 – Gian’s Promotion Test (Red Belt)

It was Sunday when we headed to the Phil. Taekwondo Central Headquarters in Pasay for Gian’s promotion test from Higher Blue to Red Belt.  Since we were already smart to know that the lower-colored belts get to be tested first, we were there later than the usual start time.  We still waited for the Red Belters’ turn, however, but at least we didn’t wait for ages.

The test only took almost 20 minutes.  They performed foundation or forms, then defense-attack forms, and then sparring.  After the sparring, they went back to their line and was dismissed.  We definitely spent more time waiting for Gian’s turn than the actual test itself.  But still, I am proud that my Gian is already a Red Belter.  I just hope that his interest with Taekwondo would never waiver and he would continue to do it until he gets his Black Belt. 🙂

Here’s a picture of Gian after the test.  He looks kinda tired already. 😛

* February 28 – A Surprise

Actually, we found out about the “surprise” on the night of Feb. 27.  I won’t tell what the “surprise” is – all I can say is that it really was unexpected.  It was a blessing from God, and I thank Him for it!

Sana maulit muli. *wink*wink

* March 3 – Mamou Dinner

The Husband and I have dates once in a while.  It may be a lunch or dinner date.  Whatever, I always enjoy the two of us spending time together and trying out places for the first time.

So it was our first time to try out Mamou in Serendra.  I read this place on Kris Aquino’s twitter, where she said that  Mamou’s steak is great.  The Husband and I both love to eat steaks, so I immediately texted him and suggested that we should try it.  Since there was no objection, I made a reservation for 8:30PM ASAP.

Mamou is a home kitchen so it is not fine dining.  The wait staff assigned to our table was very respectful and attentive, asking us always if we need anything else.  (Sadly, I don’t remember his name.)  Eventhough the place is small, I felt very comfortable and excited to eat.

The Husband ordered their steak, which is USDA prime angus beef, cooked medium-rare, with white steak rice and corn pudding on the side.  I ordered the Salmon Steak on Warm Couscous Salad.  A house bread was served while we waited for our food.

Here are pics of the food:

Their steak was good.  I and the Husband enjoyed it a lot.  We will definitely order it again when we come back.  The salmon is also good, but I didn’t finish the Couscous salad because I didn’t like it that much.  I definitely enjoyed the steak more than the salmon.  Sorry Labs, for eating what you have ordered. 🙂

Mamou is located in Serendra in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

* March 6 – Taekwondo Competition

Gian participated in a Taekwondo competition held at Elizabeth Seton School in Las Piñas.  The competition was joined by Taekwondo students from different schools, who get to compete in two categories: Poomsae (Forms) and Sparring.  We only allowed Gian to join in Poomsae ’cause all of us (I, the Husband and the MIL) felt that Gian is not yet ready for Sparring.  Honestly, I was really not ready to see my son in a fight for I was afraid that he might get hurt.  I heard from other parents that eventhough the kids have sparring gears for protection, they could still get hurt.  So for now, it’s best for Gian to stick with Poomsae.

The participants were grouped per belt color, and formed into lines of 4, by height.  2 kids were called at the same time, and they did a specific form before 3 judges.  The participant who did not make it to the next stage automatically got a bronze medal.  The one who advanced had a shot for a gold medal after competing and winning against the others; otherwise, a silver medal awaited them.

It was so nerve-wracking for me when it was Gian’s turn.  My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking while I was holding the camera to record his moves.  And I was just so happy and proud when he made it to the next stage.  I’m already satisfied with his achievement that I didn’t care if he wins the next level or not.  He did not win the gold when he competed in the last round, but I am still happy with his feat.  I hope that his experience in joining a competition would make him a better person and a good sport.

* March 10 – Lunch at Myron’s Place

It was already our second time at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5.  The first one was a dinner date last Feb. 18 but I forgot to blog about it.  Since we went back barely a month later, you should be able to tell that we really liked the place.

The Husband ordered Bianca’s Cut Ribeye Steak, again (like the first time), while I ordered their Duet of Bacon Wrapped Petite US Certified Angus Medallions and Grilled Shrimp.  Quite a mouthful, eh?! 😛  Of course, they served their complimentary chocolate bread with butter, which I absolutely love! I am telling you, I really love breads.  I even miss the bread served in planes during a flight.

But I digress. 🙂 Myron’s Place for me has a romantic feel.  At both times the Husband and I were there, I was really excited and happy to be there. 😛

And the food was really delicious! The Husband’s steak was cooked perfectly, even the gravy was so yummy. Yeah, I still got to taste it.  And my bacon wrapped medallions? To die for! I almost forgot that I also have grilled shrimps on my plate because I was really enjoying the meat.  But still, I finished everything.  Sarap kaya! 😛

For dessert, we tried their Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta.  Yum yum yum!

Myron’s Place is a must-try.  I and the Husband will definitely go back for more. 🙂

* March 12 – Weekend at Sofitel

Our family got to spend a weekend at Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City.  I had a voucher for an overnight stay in a Superior DeLuxe Room with buffet breakfast at Spiral Restaurant.  Unfortunately, when I called to book our stay a few days before, there was no more superior room available.  I was asked if I want to upgrade to a Luxury Room for an additional charge.  With the Husband’s approval, I booked our family’s stay for the weekend.

Our stay at the hotel was relaxing.  We got to spend quality time with the kids.  I could really tell that the kids had a grand time during our stay because they were really happy to explore the hotel with us.  They played at the playground, ran around the mini-golf course, and relaxed by the seaside.  They weren’t able to swim at the pool though because I wasn’t able to bring their swim clothes.

With the regards to the hotel, the staff were very courteous and accommodating.  The amenities were also  very good.  My kids loved the bathroom the most because they got to play in the bathtub.  Mind you, they didn’t want to get out of the tub and asked me and the Husband over and over again to let them stay in the bathtub.

The only thing that we could comment on the hotel is that there is no free internet connection in our room.  There was free internet in the hotel lobby only.  We could connect to the internet in our room but we have to use a cable and we would be billed for the internet connection.  That was definitely minus points from us.  We have stayed in other hotels where internet is free, and the connection is wireless already.  Good thing I brought my broadband stick with me.  At least, we were able to connect to the world even if the connection got slow sometimes.  If not for this, our stay at Sofitel would have been excellent.

Breakfast at Spiral was also great.  There was a variety of food – Filipino, American, Japanese, Italian, etc.  I didn’t get to eat a lot because I usually don’t eat breakfasts.  Add to the fact that my kids eat like birds so I think we weren’t able to maximize the buffet.  The kids just had little rice and egg, and a couple of pancakes.  The Husband, well, I think he didn’t eat that much also.

It was also a perfect time for us to stay at the hotel because it was also the last day of the PyroMusical International Competition at the SM Mall of Asia, with the Philippines as the last to show off some fireworks.  We were able to avoid the thousands of people that go to MOA, and we just watched the fireworks from the gardens of Sofitel.  It really was spectacular! Watching fireworks is really one of my favorite things to do.  Loved it so much!

That weekend was really great – bonding time with the family, relaxed and stress-free. 🙂

For our pictures, please click here.

Higher Blue Belt

4 Oct

October 3, 2010 – Gian’s promotion test in Taekwondo.

Currently, Gian has the lower blue belt.  After the test, he’s already in higher blue belt.

I couldn’t help but be proud of my Gian while I watched him do the Foundation steps and Defense/Attack formation.  In no time, he would earn his black belt.


2 May

It was Gian’s promotion test in Taekwondo this morning.  He was in high yellow belt so after the test, he is now a blue belter.  I am really proud of my boy! Waiting for a total of more than 3 hours was all worth it! 😀

I am also thankful that his interest with Taekwondo never wavered.  I just hope that he would continue learning this art until he gets his black belt, and continue even more by becoming a master.  I have no doubt that this will happen because I heard him tell his nanay (my MIL) that someday when he is all grown-up, he wants to be a Taekwondo instructor, and he also wants to have a taekwondo school/gym of his own.  *wink *wink